It’s the IDEAL exercise for women who have had kids – and yet so many DON’T KNOW ABOUT IT! 

So, let me share my little secret sequence.  My approach  (not a secret really, just not very well publicised by mainstream fitness peeps) to post natal recovery is all about stabilisation – and then progressing through what’s called ‘biomotor abilities’. Just think of  each one as level for your body to reach – that make you leaner, longer and stronger at each goalpost.

  • Stability – first and foremost – think of a pyramid – you can only build as high as the base is wide.
  • Balance – in order to handle wriggling, sideways, leaning, on one leg, in the dark, at 3am when there’s a screaming child….
  • Flexibility – not in the typical sense of stretching -but as a way of looking at symmetry in the body – whether you have the same amount of range on each side.  Research has shown that an asymmetry of as little as 10% between sides is enough to cause an injury at a joint.
  • Endurance – raising a kid and keeping up with them is a marathon, not a sprint – we gotta learn to pace ourselves
  • Strength – only here, once all the others are put into place, do we start on strength training – and it has guaranteed (I’m proud to say) that every woman I train with this as the order has stayed injury free
  • Speed – yep, it’s a little controversial – but here’s where I add picking up the pace for all movements – including running
  • Power – this is the advanced stuff – usually a good year  (sometimes 2) post pregnancy depending on the commitment you have to your training

There’s loads of ways to move, groove, and train.  You need to find the one that’s right for you.  Something you can commit to, that you fits into your lifestyle, that you may even enjoy doing!  My approach is one of many – I use it and love it because I know it gets results, I’ve seen it over and over.   If you give it a go, it gets you results, and you kinda even enjoy doing it, I look forward to seeing more of you!

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