Phase 2- STARTS TUESDAY SEPTEMBER 11th:11.30am

$224.00 $196.00

6 spots only – early bird rates on now!


“The best part of this course was that now I know how to run properly – pain and leak free.”  Ina, 34, Teacher

“I feel strong and symmetrical now.  Phase 1 got my pelvic floor and abs working again, but this course made my whole body feel strong,” Zoe, 30, Doctor

“These classes are amazing! I didn’t think I would ever have good pelvic floor function again after a severe prolapse, but here I am, surgery free!” Nicole, 42, Paediatrician



7 weeks of advanced pelvic floor and core work including –


The second phase of DRAM healing – To ensure that your abdominals can cope under load, and with speed of movement without separating again – which often happens when it hasn’t been healed properly.

Pelvic floor running – We use a special technique to stimulate the pelvic floor during the jogging movement so that you get a fascial response from your feet all the way up to your abdominal muscles. This is the quickest and safest way to get back into jogging leak and pain free.

Strength work for the deep spine –  Back pain for mums is more common than you would think – with nearly 80% of mums experiencing pain at some stage. Often it’s because the very deep muscles that support the spine stopped working during pregnancy, and then were never stimulated to wake up and work again!  These exercises ensure that every section of the spine is working correctly.

Knee and Shoulder stability – Most mums complain of knee pain or tight shoulders.  This is usually due to postural dysfunctions, combined with doing the wrong exercises – exercises that make us hurt instead of get stronger and feel great.  We assess each participant individually to sort out issues such as patella tracking, pronation of the foot, and rotator cuff dysfunction at the shoulder.  Never let a lunge, jump or push up hurt you again!






Babies and children are welcome! 




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Held in the 'Woom Room' :)
Ground floor – easy access
Entrance off Sackville Street, loads of street parking, right near Victoria Park station


This class is limited to 8 so that each person can get some individual attention. No one is left behind – everyone has different points of physical pain and tension, so there will be some tweaking to ensure that everyone gets a great result from the 5 week course.