Phase 4 – Starts Thursday September 13th, 7.30pm-8.30pm


 Location – Project Better, Smith Street Collingwood

“I thought some of these exercises looked crazy during week 1 – but by the end of the course I was doing them easily.  Kristy is an excellent coach and her knowledge of physiology is of the highest standard.  After going through the 5 phases I feel the strongest I have felt. “

 Lauren, 41, Physiotherapist


Complexity and Strength Training – 7 weeks


No matter how long ago you had a baby  – once you are post partum you are always post partum. And often, even years later, our bodies don’t work they way we want them to, because we weren’t given the right guidance to begin with.

We teach you:

  • how to lift heavier barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to achieve whole body strength while still strengthening (not damaging!) the pelvic floor
  • how to run, jump and perform advanced cardio impact based exercises with a special pelvic floor technique that will keep you strong and in control of your core
  • how to move your body through a special series of complex body weight exercises that have you achieving an advanced level of party-trick like strength
  • withstand the pressure of heavier exercise.  Includes individual assessment so you now exactly how you are progressing
  • whole body exercise to start increasing overall strength, eliminate back pain and regain deep inner balance and stability 

Class numbers are small so that you are looked after during every session.   We check on your individual progress every week and tweak the class according to what you specifically need.


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