Phase 2 – starts Monday October 1st, 11am-12pm


Just Believe Fit – Gooch Street, Thornbury

“This course has a lot of quality info and some fantastic exercises for core and back strength.  What I liked about it most was the running technique that Kristy taught us, I used it for a few weeks at home and built up enough strength to now go out jogging without any pain or leaking.”  Kate, 43, Mum of 3


Stability Training – 7 weeks


No matter how long ago you had a baby  – once you are post partum you are always post partum. And often, even years later, our bodies don’t work they way we want them to, because we weren’t given the right guidance to begin with.

We teach you:

  • advancing core exercises with whole body strength training
  • how to activate and then strengthen the pelvic floor during impact activities using a specialised running technique
  • the second phase of abdominal separation healing – 3 key exercises that reinforce the tissue, fascia and ligamentous tension around the muscles, including individual assessment so you now exactly how you are progressing
  • specific assessments for the knees, hips and shoulders – with a specific sequence that strengthens each joint complex and eliminates pain

Class numbers are small so that you are looked after during every session.   We check on your individual progress every week and tweak the class according to what you specifically need.

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Classes are limited to 8 per course – jump on in!