LEVEL 2 COURSE – starts Friday February 2nd



In this course we use swiss ball and bands to create resistance and use dynamic NMS with a fitness component.   Across the 7 weeks we work on –

*Understanding correct positioning within faster, more complex movements to avoid injury, aches and pains

*An introduction to running, bouncing and jumping that leaves you feeling stable and in control of your core

*Improving flexibility in your specific tight spots (that has nothing to do with stretching) so you aren’t ‘de-stabilising’ anything and the release lasts

*Individual assessment of the both the knee and shoulder complex with a take home program for your specific needs 

*3 of my favourite exercises for building leg strength that also leave your back feeling stable and secure

*A progression in back strengthening that most people don’t know about to complete a rock solid core

*A sequence for alleviating neck tension and gaining strength through that area.  (so that you don’t overuse other parts of your body in compensation)

*Balance progressions on the ball that kick the nervous system into stability mode fast; if you still have sleepy muscles that aren’t quite doing their job the swiss ball usually takes care of it to create symmetry around each joint

*An integrated fitness component so you can start ‘working out’ the NMS way

*Correcting foot biomechanics in order to improve core strength (if you tend to pronate you will love this one)

*Advanced Core Conditioning

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This course is for the gorgeous mamas who have already completed the INTRO COURSE.

The 5 week Intro Course sequences for pelvic floor and abdominal activation is assumed knowledge in this intermediate course.

Progress your training in a way that is effective, builds lasting strength, and doesn’t lead to aches, pains or abdominal issues that are so common when post natal women are given the wrong exercises!

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Starts WEDNESDAY JANUARY 17TH – 11.45-12PM