Level 1 – 10 weeks – Starts February



Postpartum exercise that heals your pelvic floor, closes abdominal separation (goodbye jelly-like feeling) and eliminates back pain.

Evidence based, using the latest research in women’s health.


– THORNBURY  – Tuesdays 10.30am – starts February 12th

– COLLINGWOOD – Wednesdays 10.30am – starts February 13th

The 6 key elements of level 1 –

  • assess and close the gap for abdominal separation (goodbye jelly-like feeling)
  • connect to and co-ordinate the 3 elements of the pelvic floor (goodbye leaking)
  • full pelvic stability assessment and strengthening the 4 major muscles that support the hip
  • back strength assessment and a week by week sequence to connect your spine to your core (think pain free)
  • activating and strengthening the deep inner corset muscle that literally lifts everything up and in (think bladder, uterus)
  • strengthening the 6 muscles that are essential to work with the pelvic floor in a set of movements to ensure you can progress to jogging, lifting heavy things and enjoying your life without any issues

Small group – limited places.


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