Why pelvic floor ‘lifts’ aren’t getting you results – and what you can do about it

The pelvic floor is a supportive structure that is meant to stabilise in pretty much any movement pattern you use.  Whether you are running, walking, jumping, lifting heavy things, or bending, a fully integrated pelvic floor will support all of your internal structures – as well as helping to stabilise the spine.


The exercises you do to rehabilitate the pelvic floor need to occur in stages for a full and complete recovery –  and that means you never have to worry about it again.




I have what I call a ‘Foundations Sequence’ –  which I use with my clients as the very first part of proper pelvic floor integration.

It’s 4 key exercises that, when combined, give the optimal starting position for stabilisation.

It is based on the fact that the pelvic floor does not work in isolation – it is part of an integrated loop in the nervous system:



Stage 1 is activation of the entire loop.    Isolated repetitions of the pelvic floor – whether you are wiggling, wobbling or lifting things with your pelvic floor – don’t always carry over to being competent at other activities.


If you have noticed that you have an amazingly functional pelvic floor lying down and doing repetitions, and yet still can’t run or jump without heaviness, pressure, or leaking – it’s time to look at integration.


These exercises, that specifically target each part of the neurological loop, plus the gluteal muscles, set the body up for integrated co-ordination.


Starting with this Foundation Sequence is the quickest way I have seen to enable  progress through the exercise continuum of rehabilitation to full strength.


And – it creates lasting and continuous function in the pelvic floor.


The exercises will feature in the blog across the next few weeks – so you can see for yourself!


In the meantime, if you’re unsure about how to correctly activate the pelvic floor – Click  this post here






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