How NMS works to transform a woman’s body post birth

Our bodies NEED STABILITY TRAINING after we have had kids.  No matter how long ago we had them.

I am a complete anatomy geek.  When someone asks me in person what it is that I do … well… there’s a rabbit hole, put it that way.

 But for now – quickly and easily – I want to explain to you why these exercises  after pregnancy are so so SO effective :

In order for us to be strong, energised (completely pain free) – joints need to be in their optimal position. Each joint (including the spine) is essentially held in this beautiful, serene place  known as ‘optimal position’  by all the muscles that attach to it.  Neuromuscular stabilisation (NMS) is part of achieving this equilibrium.

A dysfunctional joint is one that’s not in this place.  There are a zillion causes – but the mechanics of it is that some muscles have gotten super tight, overactive, and dominant, and generally the rest have conceded, and completely slackened off.   

Stability training is exercise that essentially relaxes the body because it’s re-sequenced the muscles so that the joint puts itself back into it’s optimal position.

That’s different to getting an adjustment or a release through a stretch or foam roller.  The amazing therapist works their magic to get your joint back into the right place and what do you feel?  Relief.

Often though,  when something external has put the body back into it’s optimal position,  the muscles attached to that joint don’t know how to stay there.  They have no neural co-ordination developed in that position.

And so, without any new skills, like humans, they go back to their old habits.  Those tight, painful feelings start to return, and once again we bring out our big list of movements and activities to avoid.

Stability training teaches the loose muscles – the ones that are weak and asleep on the job – to  (literally) start pulling their weight.   And when the snoozing muscles finally step up and do their bit to hold the joint where it’s meant to be – the tight ones let go.

And that’s when we experience pain relief.  That’s when we stop feeling tight and tense.   That’s when we let go of the fluid retention that’s been serving as a protection mechanism (truly).

Movement frees up, and THEN – only THEN – do our bodies start to get stronger.

My favourite benefit (there’s actually a ton but I’ll save some for later) is the unbelievable increase in energy I’ve seen women get from doing stability training.

Pain takes energy.  Tension takes energy. A body desperately holding multiple joints in place for fear of killing itself takes energy.  Eliminate the problem – and suddenly you have energy to burn. 

And then we feel like a scooter ride or a swing with the kiddos, a walk in the fresh air, or a dance around the house – not because we should – because we actually want to.

To me that’s pure magic.   

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