Try these 3 stretches before and after to keep your hips and shoulders balanced

One of the best activities any mum can do is go for a walk.   It’s outside, in the fresh air and natural light.  It’s a change of scenery, a chance to get out amongst other people if you’ve been busy or housebound, and it’s great for both fitness and calming the nervous system.

If you have a baby or toddler chances are you’re pushing a pram every time you go for a walk.   Fixing the arms onto the pram can make the chest tight as it doesn’t allow for much rotation, and when we start to tire  (going uphill, or at the end of a long walk) it’s easy to flex at the hips and lean forward in order to keep walking, which is detrimental for our posture.

This pattern of walking is really common for new mums  – so here are 3 easy and quick little stretches you can do before and after each walk  – just hold for 20 seconds.




Activating your pelvic floor before a long walk is a great way to ensure your deep core muscles are awake and ready to assist your body posture.


If you are unsure of how to activate your pelvic floor go to this post here 


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