There’s an exact science to you getting a strong, lean core and a perfectly functioning pelvic floor.
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10 things you need to know about exercising postpartum

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If you don’t have abdominal muscles or a pelvic floor that works well, chances are it’s not your fault.

Postpartum exercise has changed.

And if you’ve become a master at doing those “clenches” while driving, cooking, or reading – but your body still doesn’t know how to handle a sneeze, laugh or jump – it’s not your body. It’s your training.

If you’re core still feels a little bit jelly like or soft even though you’ve been exercising – it’s not you.

And it can still be taken care of.

It’s never too late.

I have been in the fields of clinical rehabilitation and strength and conditioning for 18 years.  How we take care of the pelvic floor and core in exercise has evolved significantly.  We now look not only at the muscles, but the connective tissue that supports them.  We now know that the nervous system plays a major role in core stability and function and that co-ordination can be even more important than strength if you want to be leak free, pain free, and have abdominal tone you can see. 
My baby girl is now 4, and I wasn’t given any of this information post birth.  So chances are, neither were you. 

Kristy Ahale, Clinical Exercise Therapist | Strength and Conditioning | Orthopaedic Rehabilitation

What Other Women Say

  • 'I had a beautiful, natural childbirth, but afterwards I had a really large abdominal separation that wasn't getting better, and I had no idea what to do about it.  I started feeling more and more pain as my baby got older and I had to carry her and nurse constantly.  The exercises Kristy gave me were super effective for healing the separation, and once we worked together to strengthen my shoulders and back I no longer felt any pain.  Highly recommend this way of exercising, it was unlike anything I had ever done before.'   Lilah, 28, Melbourne Australia

    Lilah Massage Therapist
  • 'I had severe pelvic instability during my first (and only) pregnancy which was still causing issues 6 months later.   3 months on the stability training program and I am back to my fit self, able to do all the things I could before the birth my son, without any pain.'   Alex, 38, Melbourne Australia  

    Alex Coach
  • 'I had 2 kids, each one ended up in a caesarian after long and painful labours.  They are both almost in high school and I have always had issues with my pelvic floor.  My stomach had never been quite right since the ops and I definitely couldn't fit into any of my old clothes.  After 8 weeks of abdominal rehab with Kristy as well as learning the right way to lift weights and exercise, I have control over my stomach that I haven't had since before I was pregnant - and fitting into those old clothes looks less impossible these days.  Thanks so much for putting me on the right track. ' Rachael, 42, Melbourne Australia

    Rachael Stay at home mum

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